Saturday, May 30, 2009

ColorTip of the monthTurquoise
by one of my Favorite Color Experts, Diantha Harris

Our color of the month is a tertiary color that combines green (made of blue and yellow) with more blue. There is a strong relationship between turquoise and new communications technology. In fact, turquoise -- heart energy (green) and communication energy (blue) -- is often referred to as the "New Age color" because it has come to represent communication from one to many.

And with this relationship of communication from one to many, turquoise also relates to teachers. So as the doors close on another school year, we offer our gratitude to those who serve in our classrooms and schools.

And let us also mention all the wonderful people on our planet who teach in other ways as well, especially to those working in community for the highest good, who offer selfless service, who relish and share the ability to play and who honor psychic communication.

A big turquoise thank-you to you all!The challenges found in turquoise are feelings of being weighed down by responsibility, being too tied down into routine with no outlet for humor and being driven by fear rather than the good of all.

For more on turquoise and other colors, please take a peek inside the new edition of my book Simply Color by Diantha Harris.