Thursday, February 19, 2009

Interview with Law of Attraction Diva

On Tuesday, February 24 at 1 p.m. Central, I will be interviewed by Jen Blackert, the Law of Attraction Diva! Jen is author of "Seven Dragons", a guide to a limitless mind. My topic that day will be "Designing Your Personal Work Space with Feng Shui." I will start with the basics of Feng Shui for those who aren't very familiar with the topic and by the time I am finished, they will be able to set up their office space and desk to support their goals for a successful business. Please feel free to email me at for more information and how you to can participate in this call.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Color Tip of the month is Red
by Diantha Harris

Did you know that red is a color we gravitate to when we are first born? Red is the first color our eyes can see.Does that mean you should paint a nursery red? Not if you want the baby to sleep.

Red causes a physiological reaction of the release of epinephrine in the brain. This hormone speeds our pulse and heartbeat and raises our body temperature. So although red is a great color to promote excitement, and is easily seen by infants, we wouldn't want to use much of it in any living environment, especially a bedroom. Touches of red can liven your life, but too much can overwhelm. Red represents life force, energy, passion, the will to live and the concepts of sacrifice and courage. Challenged, it can mean anger, frustration, stubbornness and being stuck.

It is a dramatic color when it is a cherry red, but can be more sophisticated as it darkens or becomes muted. Generally speaking, the darker the color, the more sophisticated it becomes, appealing to fewer and fewer people. But it can be a rich, sumptuous color as it deepens, retaining the qualities of the cherry red and adding some of its own, depending on what color(s) are added to deepen it.

For example, if blue is added along with a bit of black, you bring in the qualities of those two colors as well, creating a color of mystery, magic and depth. Red is obviously the color we associate most often with Valentines Day.
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For a more in-depth look at colors and their messages, see her book, Simply Color, now available in its updated, second edition.

How Safe are your Personal & Professional Relationships?

Yvonne Phillips FSII

Feng Shui offers direction and guidance to support your ongoing relationships. We have the opportunity to interact with people every day. However, most people don’t pay close attention to their relationships until there is a crisis. Are you looking around to see how your true relationships are with your clients, family members or significant other?

After time relationships often become passive and you assume that just because you have had a business or personal relationship, it will go on forever. Perhaps you have heard of the law of attraction that states that you attract to you exactly what you have in your life. So for example, your business relationship has always been good with your top customer yet this week another consultant visits your client and insists that, “I can do a much better job and at a Lower Price.” In this economy, is your customer going to be loyal to an established partner or are they going to listen to what this new consultant has to say?

I have worked for many large corporations and believe me if, a company really wants your business they will do everything that they can to get it. They might offer more perks for you and your customers and best of all, lower fees. If you are a university, you could be offered new score boards on your campus or a new dining facility. Now does this get your attention?

When you are proactively engaging in ongoing communication and always looking out for the best interest of your customers, this type of scenario can result in a positive outcome for you. Your customer might mention that he was visited by another consultant who offered him lower fees, new score boards, new dining halls, however, due to your history with the company and relationship as a trusted advisor your business with them isn’t threatened. Over the years you have nurtured the relationship progressively positioning your customer in the market.

I haven’t mentioned the personal relationships, but they too run the same way. We all go day to day to depend on our partners, but when do we give them the respect and the honor that they deserve? Is it saved for Valentine’s Day? How about the other 364 days of the year. I am very fortunate in that I have this type of relationship where my spouse will bring me a cup of tea, just because! He is very consistent with this and happy to do this for me. What do I do for him? I bake him his favorite cookies, his favorite cheesecake for his birthday and I also pay attention to how he walks in the door from work each day. I respond accordingly and if he is down, I try to help bring about a change and a relaxation to his demeanor. The majority of this is done very easily. My home and offices are all Feng Shui compliant. I believe we all deserve peace and calmness around us and when we walk into our home, we just automatically start relaxing our shoulders and shake off the stress of the day. That, my friend, is what a Feng Shui analysis can do for all of you!

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