Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Feng Shui

Most people who are just starting to practice Feng Shui know that their bedroom and
their living room are very important and they focus on balancing those two rooms.  Most Real Estate Agents can tell you why—people spend more time in the bedroom and the living room than all the other rooms in the house. So it’s natural that the practice of Feng Shui makes it clear that those rooms play a vital part in determining how well peace, prosperity and harmony flows into our lives.

But although those rooms are important, there is another part of the house that is just as important, but almost always overlooked:  the entry way. Ch’i enters the house through doors and windows and the major part of Ch’i enters through the front door (or the main entrance).  The entryway, how it’s constructed and how it’s arranged and/or decorated determine the quality of Feng Shui that is experienced by the entire household.

The entrance to your house plays a huge role in creating an environment of peace, prosperity and harmony. It’s the first thing you experience when you enter the house and the last thing you touch when you leave the house. Many of the oldest religions recognize this. Judaism uses a Mezuzah on the doorframe to demonstrate that their home is a sanctuary in miniature of holiness. Catholics use Holy Water at the entrance of their churches so people can anoint themselves before they enter the sanctuary.  While the exact reasons may vary, it’s clear that the entryway is thought of as a portal of peace and harmony by many different cultures and religions. Most probably, Feng Shui, was taking advantage of this idea thousands of years before Judaism and Christianity.

The idea of Feng Shui is to create the flow of positive energy (Ch’i). Unless you pay attention to where that flow begins, it will be impossible to control that flow. Even worse, since the entry way is the largest portal for Ch’i, it literally determines how much positive energy comes into your home.

Given the importance of this topic, the next few articles I write will explain how to create an entry way that is conducive to bringing peace, harmony and prosperity into your home.

The first consideration you’ll want to make is where the entrance is. Most homes have two main doors: one that was built by the architect (the front door) and the side entrance, which is usually an entrance from the side of the house or the garage.  Most often, the occupants prefer one of the other for reasons of convenience. So the first rule is to pick one.  Decide on which entryway to use and make sure all occupants use that one exclusively.  Of course, using the other door occasionally is fine if you’re emptying the trash or if the door leads to the garden. Once you’ve determined where the portal is, then it’s time to consider how to use it in order to maximize its potential to attract and channel  the positive energy that is vital to helping you create a life and an environment that’s charged with peace and prosperity.

In the next article we’ll talk about the primary element of the entrance: the door and how to make sure it’s harmonious with everything good that you want in your life.