Sunday, December 27, 2009

10 Feng Shui Tips for 2010

By Yvonne Phillips FSII
Feng Shui Consultant & Speaker

Every little bit of shift that you make in your home or office will help assist you in your day to day living. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. It is most desirable to have a South facing door and if you are lucky enough to have one,

use the door often to bring in the good chi energy to help you each day. Most of us come

home through our garage door, so you do need to pay attention to the front door. Open

the door every so often and check to make sure that the door bell rings and that the area

close to the door area is clean and looks good to those passing by your home.

2. If you are an urban dweller and you don't have mountains surrounding your home, rethink

those tall buildings around you-they are your mountains. They are a form of protection and

when they are close around you, especially behind your home, they hover around you and

protect you each day.

3. Actively flowing water is good Feng Shui and you need to make sure that it does not get

stagnant or it will create a negative energy around you. 2010 is a year that shows the water

element will be missing and it is most beneficial for you to add more around you.

4. Bamboo is a great plant to use in your decor. It can be used in any form and it has all of the

5 elements of Feng Shui built right into the plant.

5. A house that is located in an area where the the water and wind are in constant extreme

motion creates a yang energy. This is not the part of your home to have a bedroom or an

office. The energy shift will be detrimental to sleep or work.

6. If you build your home near a meandering stream or lake, it will benefit all of those who live

in the home. The gentle flowing energy is good for everyone.

7. If you live in the vicinity of a a church that has crosses and spires, it will impact the

neighborhood negatively. The best solution with this is to plant a tree or place a fence

facing it to block this energy. It will just shift the energy back into the church area and

not be harmful to anyone.

8. Bright objects can be an easy office cure to lift and shift the energy in a space. When you

make these small changes, you will be able to see others reacting in a positive way around

you each day.

9. Creating different sounds around you can increase energy or decrease energy. It just

depends on what is happening around you. Is it so noisy that you can't think, soften the

music. Are you falling asleep at your desk, step up the beat of the music!

10. If you would like to have wind chimes around you, listen to different types of chimes. Some

of them are deeper or softer. What kind of sound would work in your space?

I work on my house and office Feng Shui constantly to allow for the ebb and flow of my life and business. These tips will help you focus in a few areas that can get you started in the wonderful world of Feng Shui. If you would like to schedule a 2010 Feng Shui consultation, call me at 412-215-8247 or email me a