Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feng Shui for Women of this Century

What we read and have heard throughout our lives from the women who came before us seems to confirm that mid-life for the typical American female is time of extraordinary stress. Not only are the physiological challenges at times hard to manage and understand, never mind mediate, the confluence of responsibilities for children, aging parents and career are enormous stressors assumed at a most vulnerable time in a woman’s life. How can women best create within their environments the clarity and flow that enables and amplifies optimal strength, health and adaptability to the many shifts within and without? Feng Shui (FS) has many answers to this question and will provide for spaces and lifestyles that can more easily accommodate fluctuation, provide stability and magnify support and well-being.

When managing a household with children, particularly teens and college-aged kids, the key is defining space in a way that allows for privacy and retreat for over-worked moms. Firstly, clear your space of all unwanted clutter and broken or damaged items. Do not allow the excess items to sit within your home, even if the piles are intended for charitable donation. Remove unwanted items immediately.

Decorate your bedroom and bath with subdued and calming colors, avoiding shades of blue in these as well as other areas of your home, as it gives the effect of “drowning” and too much “water” element within a home, including a blue exterior or roof, is considered very poor FS. Focus on green hues and pale earth tones, and confine children’s and family photos for other areas of the home, keeping the bed and bath a sanctuary of relaxation and intimacy. Pictures with the kids can find the perfect place in the family corner of your shared living areas, as defined by the bagua map www.creativecolordesigninc.com. Set the tone even more by adding your favorite music, mementos and creating a spot within these spaces where you are surrounded by favorite scents and items of comfort and indulgence.

Your commitments may extend beyond children and spouse by middle years, so creating a true retreat atmosphere is of paramount importance. The fire element can be placed at the middle rear or back of your space, the fame and reputation area of the bagua map by implementing candles and creating a romantic spa environment within your bedroom or bath. Finding a balance between being a nurturing support to aging parents and creating opportunities for self-nurturing is critical during middle-age.

Transitioning from work to home can be eased through proper FS and careful consideration of the energy in the entry to your house. Be sure it is tidy and free of shoes and other cast-offs. Free your porch or front steps of any items that block the energy leading to your door and remove all debris. Draw the eye to areas of beauty and cleanliness and clear all pathways to the two most important areas of the home, the kitchen and bedrooms.

FS will de-stress your spaces and enliven your sense of stability and well-being by creating positive flow and conditions which support the body, mind and spirit as they move through the many demanding arenas of our life passages.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Animal Signs by Grandmaster Lillian Too

This past December Grandmaster Too flew to the USA to support her students for 2012. If you need to find your animal sign, please click on this link: www.grassrootsdesign.com/zodiac

Keep in mind that a Secret Friend can assist you in your year! Here is the information that she shared with her students regarding the 12 Animal Signs for the year:

Secret Friend-Ox
Very strong year, new opportunities. Wealth & Health Luck Good!

Secret Friend-Rat
Good long term luck, but will face some conflicts. Powerful Wealth Luck, but needs to be patient!

Secret Friend-Boar
Success luck increase this year. Wealth & Health luck very good!

Secret Friend-DogWealth improves and Health luck is average.

Secret Friend-Rooster-Wealth & Health luck is average.

Secret Friend-Monkey-Wealth & Health Luck are not so good. Take good care of yourself!

Secret Friend-Sheep-Wealth Luck is very good. Health Luck is not so good.

Secret Friend-Horse-Good Wealth Luck & Health improves this year.

Secret Friend-Snake-Wealth Luck is not there this year. Health is ok, but watch for over-working.

Secret Friend-Dragon-Fabulous New Year! Wealth & Health Luck very good.

Secret Friend-Rabbit-Watch the flow of your money this year. Health needs attention.

Secret Friend-Tiger
Wealth is good, Health needs attention.

How will Different Industries Do this year?
  • Publishing & Agriculture are the best in a long time!
  • Property & Real Estate are very good.
  • Banking & Transportation will have an average year.
  • Airlines and Computers are average and slow to make money.
  • Stock Market & Restaurants recover in the summer and go down in the fall.

If you would like further information regarding the quality of the year you are going to have in 2012, please call for a consultation at 412-215-8247 or contact me at yvonnephillips1@aol.com