Friday, October 4, 2013

Getting Your Fall Look Going

Spring brings forth the large energy force of Yang because of all of the growth in nature. It is needed to encourage all plant life to stand up and shine for us!  In the fall, the weather shifts and changes into a Yin energy which is a lot softer and easier for us to navigate.   All of a sudden children are back to school, work becomes more serious and we start are winter journey of being more of a private person.  During the summer days we are out and about in public places and see a lot of people and that shifts once the weather changes.

It is very important that we make allowance for these changes and help the energy move in the right direction now.  All of the great chi earth energy comes right through the front entrances of our homes.  I strongly encourage you to walk outside and stand back at the curb and look at your front entrance way.

Check out the gardens or bushes or trees that are located in this area.  How are they doing? 
Most of the profusely flowering bushes have settled down and are in need of pruning and cleaning up of the dead leaves and flowers that have fallen to the ground.  I have started this process and I can hardly wait to bring out the jewel tone colors of the chrysanthemums.  Their brilliant colors will create the pop in your garden and surrounding your house with the warmth of fall. The deep oranges, the brilliant purples and bright yellow colors will lift our energy.  Be sure to take a look at them when you come home from work!

I always see the autumn as a wonderful time of the year.  The weather is perfect, kids are ready to get back to school and there is excitement in the air when the first bus pulls up to retrieve your child and move him back in to the world of education instead of the world of play.  This is a hugh transformation to undertake for all of us, schedules change and we have to get back to a regiment and most of us would prefer not to do this yet.  We want to hang onto our summers just a little bit longer.

While you are at the curb area, look at your front entrance way, what is going on there?  Are the flowers dead; is anything in need of de-cluttering?  Have you thought about what is next for your gardens?  Now is the time to purchase the flowering tulip and daffodil bulbs that you love to see in the spring.  A front door entrance way looks great with the addition of two tall plants at the door or two large statues.  They then become protectors’ of your front door and your family.  It is just as if you have placed two large Lion Statues in the space.

Now take a look at the front door, is it in need of painting?  Replace any Welcome Mats if necessary, anything with a touch of red is great.  Pull out those wreathes and make sure that they are looking good!  If not replace or re-glue anything that needs repaired.  Check out the bow, maybe it is time for a new one!

Are your light posts clean and have new bulbs in them and is the brass cleaned on the front door and light post?  Remember this is what others see when they come to your home to visit with you. 

Now move into the entrance way into your home.  Is it welcoming to everyone that walks through the door?  If not, add some great artwork or floral arrangements that give your guests something to look at when they walk in the door.  A subtle touch of aromatherapy here works wonders!  All of these details will help anchor in the fall season quickly and easily for you.  Happy Fall!