Sunday, October 30, 2011


How to write ROCK YOUR WORLD at work and maximize flow and harmony in your professional life

As the rock classic by Queen reminds, Feng Shui can ROCK YOU… through good times and rocky times, alike. Feng Shui can energize you and fill your being and your world with the flow and movement of the best rock ballads or the slowest slow dances. Whatever energy you desire to be amplified can be through Feng Shui. This is a good point to remember and apply when looking to make shifts in your life and in your space. Let’s look at Feng Shui’s potentials in the workplace.

In times that are rocky for so many of us, both regarding personal and economic security, we turn to a number of resolutions and tactics in order to ground ourselves on the shifting sands of a fickle, fast and ever-changing terrain. The grounding approaches we try often leave us with only temporary or incomplete satisfaction and peace of mind in that we have responded to a problem with a potential solution. These responses, however, may not be as effective as what the situation requires and often can add to the loads we already bear by increasing our outlay of the finite resources of time and energy.

Feng Shui offers a way by which we can counteract negative trends and rebalance our lives in such a way that our outer world reflects the inner flow and harmony we so deeply desire. So as without, within… so as above, below. Whether it’s a lifestyle overhaul involving a promotion, career change or relocation, or off-setting a difficult office dynamic such as troubles with a manager or colleague, Feng Shui offers the key to flow and resolution.

Let’s start with your purse or wallet…

REMOVE all that is:
• unnecessary
• broken
• empty
• old
• torn
• weathered

This is fundamental to Feng Shui, in that anything that resonates with deficit or negativity is eliminated, creating room for abundant, positive flow.

• RED wallet or money clip
• THREE Chinese gold coins
• REAL cash

These are important components as RED accelerates and amplifies energy surrounding your money stream and THREE is an auspicious symbol of positivity and good luck; add gold coins and, well, you get the picture. Always carry real money. It’s a representation of personal power and its feel and smell also reinforce the feeling of wealth, which is the underlying magic of Feng Shui feeling.

Which brings us to your desk top… don’t groan… someone has to say it. You must consider your work top, as it’s the environment that literally and figuratively supports your work. The energy and flow, or lack thereof, can easily be influenced by the location of items in that space.

• What is unnecessary to the task
• Anything expired
• Food
• Clutter
• Stressful images and sounds

A bagua map,, translates easily to your desk top. Remember to place items such as pens or flower in pairs to enhance relationships. The fame area at mid-back can accommodate awards and a desk lamp to energize your recognition for accomplishments. Keep your calculator in the upper left with fresh bamboo or an image of such to amplify and enliven your money corner. Refer to the “desk bagua” which can assist you in redesigning your desktop.

Helpful pointers for the Feng Shui of your office;
● Do not have a cluttered desk
● Avoid poison arrows such as sharp corners of a desk by using plants to soften those areas
● Don’t have windows at your back
● Don’t put your desk in line with a door
● Avoid facing a blank wall
● Don’t put your back to the door
● Wooden desks and medium tones work best in a work environment
● Green is soothing and supports concentration

Grounding your space also is important. Rocks, stones and crystals are grounding elements in Feng Shui. Add red-hued rocks, wear garnet or ruby-colored gemstones, or decorate with geodes or polished stones. Always remember to ground yourself as well as your space by walking (preferably barefoot where possible) through grass, incorporating live plants or prints of plants in your home and showcasing greens in earthen pottery.

To counter and soothe rocky office relationships as well as support career advancement, employ the popular Feng Shui symbol of the rooster. Roosters are up early, dispelling darkness and countering the negative impacts of hostile or demanding energies. When it comes to communication, think of the crystal clarity of glass, clear objects, and crystal objects.

Rock out at work, or before or after your day. Whether you take a Tai Chi class, do karate or dance, remember to move, preferably in nature, in a group to amplify good vibrations, or to uplifting or soothing music, depending on your desired state-of-mind or mood.

Always remember that it’s how your space and world feel that matters and you can impact your career and life experience with just a few of these pointers and a little attention to your space.