Monday, December 2, 2013

The Harmony of the Holidays

Feng  Shui  is based on ancient principles that were set into place by man watching and
listening to the sounds of the environment.  When you are able to  duplicate this,  the natural flow of energy that we all strive to have,  will arrive on a daily basis.

When you are setting in place your holiday decorations, you increase the energy of a space (Yang energy) or decrease the energy of the space (Yin energy) in order to suit your particular goals.  If you have set into place goals for the year and you ignore the positioning of your holiday decorations, you are missing out on a great opportunity of anchoring in your wishes for the year.

If you want to light up your life, your way, try these tips to help you along!

·        Start at the outside entrance way and light it up and it will take care of bringing in the great chi energy from outside your door straight into the house.
·        Decorate early and take down late to keep the highlighting of you and your family going on for the rest of the year.
·        Add a colorful Welcome mat to the door area as it will increase your company.
·        The addition of aromatherapy right at the door sets the tone of others coming in to your house.  This can be done easily by adding cinnamon to the wreath on the door or it can be placed in plants that are closest to the front door.
·        The inside entrance should have a colorful rug and if you want to work on your wealth, place Chinese coins underneath the rug.
·        If you feel the need for safety or security in your home, light up your protectors, whether they are Foo Dogs or Lions.  This can also be two large plants at the front door.
·        Place your Christmas tree in the area you want to increase the energy. 
·        Use all the ornaments that you really like and give pleasure to you.
·        As your life changes, change your décor as appropriate.
·        Candles create the fire energy, so use appropriately.
·        Keep décor in bathrooms minimal because this is the area of Water and you don’t want it to be increased.  It is symbolic of you losing money.
·        When creating new seating arrangements make sure you are making them inviting and comfortable for your guests.
·        Utilize the colors of the year to enhance your home.  The year 2013 is Emerald green by Pantone.
·        Use Poinsettias (fire energy) to increase your wealth and if you place them in front of mirrors; you will double this intention.
·        Do not over decorate your rooms as you will create an off balance.
·        Place artwork that creates a good memory or feeling that can enhance an area of your life. 
·        The addition of coins decorated with ribbons can be placed on your trees for increased prosperity.
·        Want a special person to be a star in your house?  Make lots of star cookies.
·        Need heavenly help?  Make angel cookies.
·        Do you want a house in harmony & balance?  Bake a gingerbread house and place a light inside to increase the chi energy.

Belief makes everything possible!  The only thing that stands between you and what you want in life is the will to try and the faith to believe it is possible.

If you think you can, you can! 
Motivation Mentor