Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Feng Shui for the Military Family

It is said that the only things that stay the same for military families are family and furniture.

Those serving in the nation’s armed forces, their families and loved ones make sacrifices beyond the conceivable concerns of the average person, enduring many shifts and changes which bring to bear stressors that can take a toll on the most resilient of family members, both young and grown.

The template offered by a simple-to-do Feng Shui practice gives those acclimating to a new environment while coping with separation anxieties of a spouse or parent on duty the opportunity of following an easy blueprint for enhancing calm, reinforcing supportive relationships, and enhancing positive feelings and prosperity.

Home furniture is not only of obvious practical importance for military families, it is an all-important anchor of familiarity and consistency for a lifestyle requiring uprooting and regular adjustments to new communities, schools, and friendships. Using a bagua, as found at www.creativecolordesigninc.com, find the upper Northeast corner of your living room and place a table with a lamp to generate energy and add a vibrant red potted plant or framed art. If seating is used in that corner, place a red throw over the back, use red pillows or a red rug beneath it. These steps will assist in attracting supportive relationships within the neighborhood, community, your work, and your children’s school.

To anchor each room and attract good health and wellbeing, display a round bowl of oranges, capitalizing on both the enlivening component of fresh citrus and the powerful shape of the circle. This is an easy and affordable way to refresh a kitchen, dining or living area, and it will draw good luck and prosperity (not to mention, tempt the kids toward a very healthy snack). To that same end, mind the central areas of rooms, particularly tables and beds, are free of clutter and extraneous items. The fewer the items, the smoother and better the flow of energy. You will be pleased with how quickly this positively impacts the state of your mind and that of your household.

Clutter-free surfaces, fresh plants and fruits all work to enhance flow, generate positive chi and disperse negative chi energies within a space, allowing all those who enter it to acclimate quickly and smoothly.

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