Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Feng Shui for the Spouse or Partner in a Military Family

The constant worry, separation anxiety and practical challenges of running a home that may be moved several times during the deployment of a military spouse is a chronic and cumbersome circumstance that befalls many of the millions of US armed service families. Transience, separation and loneliness compound the daily rigors of running a household in unstable economic times and fulfilling the overwhelming role of both mother and father to children who often worry about the safety of their parent serving and contend with the complexities of adjusting to multiple schools and living environments. All of these factors contribute to much of what cannot be controlled, yet influenced through optimization of environment and focusing awareness to space and the flow, or lack thereof, created within the home.

The head of the household will want to bring harmony and positive flow to the dining area where family members gather for mealtimes. Place a mirror on a wall above the table, being careful not cut off the heads of those seated there, in order to reflect togetherness and connection. Enhance the table with green accents, such as a tablecloth to inspire a sense of family as well as community. Use a circular mat, round bowl, or circular mirror holding candles in the middle to trigger health chi. The circle is a most auspicious form in Feng Shui and can be used in the center of a room in the form of a rug beneath the table.

For a calming retreat from stress, both the bath and bedroom are sanctuaries for escape and relaxation. Avoid blue tile or paint in the bathroom, as water can “drown” positive chi flow in a room that already contains an abundance of this element. Close the lid of the commode, add bamboo or framed images of such, or purchase some very inexpensive bamboo rods to offset the water element. Light some pink candles to energize relationships that may be challenged by distance or the strain of tours of duty and relax in a warm tub of bubbles.

In the bedroom, avoid all water elements, including fountains. De-clutter frequently and compensate for any sharp corners on dressers or tables with plants. Remove photos of children and family to another space in the home, pair similar objects, such as candlesticks and knick knacks together on dressing tables and night stands to reinforce partnerships and balance. See other ideas at www.creativecolordesign.com to lift energies and encourage flow and calm in the home.

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