Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Feng Shui for House & Garden

Lots of stones, not too many stones; more trees, fewer trees so many questions arise when someone wants to apply Feng Shui to their yard. To begin, orienting oneself with the Bagua will ground you in your approach www.creativecolordesigninc.com.

Determine the entry to your yard. Stand with your Bagua so that the bottom of the map is at the entry point. In general, this is the most auspicious location for your vegetables and flowering garden. You should fill it with a variety of vegetation and budding plants, as variation is a key element in FS. To your immediate left, you will want to add blue, such as cornflowers or yellow in the form of flowering bushes, sunflowers, varietals or shrubbery. Morning Glory and Hyacinth work perfectly. This placement will energize the flow of energies to allow knowledge to grow and your spirituality to increase.
The area to your right inspires helpful people and travel. Silvers and whites should adorn this area of your yard, as you want to energize this area. You may wish to locate your dog house or bird feeder in this area. Add metallic silvers of all kinds to this location in your yard, including wind chimes, sun dials and statuary.

The very entry to your yard or garden is the career spot. Remove any and all obstacles from this area. Cut all low hanging limbs and add dark blues and blacks to this area with embedded pavers, reflecting balls or windsocks. Water is essential to career as it represents life, flow and counters stagnation. Locate your bird bath or water feature in this portion of your yard. Avoid locating jagging plants such as black berry or raspberry bushes in this area.

In the middle and to your left side of your yard, plant a tree or add a wooden picnic bench, for wood is the essential element of family. Green should envelope this region. This area should be filled with lush grass. Toss a table cloth down here from time to time and share a family picnic in this spot.
In the center of your yard or garden, you want to foster the energy of self. Gold and yellow should decorate this area. Earth is the energy we are enhancing in this region, so allow it to remain as open and clear as possible. A small grouping of yellow tulips or marigolds is all you will need.
To your immediate right, fuel your creativity and create positive energy for your children. The metal element should be added. The whites and silvers of the travel area should carry over into this region of your yard. Add sculpture and perhaps a swing to this portion you your yard.

Wealth energy is encouraged by the color purple. According to the Bagua, your wealth area is directly to your left across from the family area. Add crawling vines such as Clematis along with wooden lattice and wealth energy will cascade.

Directly across from the entry point to your garden, place your fire pit. Fire element feeds fame and reputation energy. Add hedges as the backdrop and allow red plants to dot the landscape. Salvia, Japanese maple, or a red rose bush would be perfect to promote your reputation energy. Also, do not be afraid to get creative and sculpt round and square shapes in your hedging; this too fuels the fame energy.

Love is in the air directly to the right of the fame and reputation corner. Love grows from the earth element. Enhance its energy with Wild Hyssop, encircling a couple of cherry trees would maximize pink which encourages love energy. Focus on grouping your plants and trees in twos in section of your yard. Though it may be tempting to add a wooden glider rocker for two to this region – avoid it if possible – for love is of the earth element and as much earth as possible should remain open.
Energy will flow freely through your yard. You have not merely maximized the energy of your yard; you have maximized the energy of your life, mind, and soul. Have a tall, cool glass of lemonade and soak in all you have created.

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