Thursday, January 17, 2013

Feng Shui Event


Unknown said...

its really fantastic blog . its realy informational and a such a good job. i love this fengshui

Dan said...

I'm just curious if Pittsburghs topogrophy, rivers and geography is cunductive for business like Hong Kong and Singapore ? Does the new PNC bank tower going up have good Feng Shui design or will it hurt local business?

Yvonne Phillips said...

Hi Dan,
You are very observant to identify Pittsburgh's geography with the influx of business like in Hong Kong and Singapore. It is the chi/energy of the rivers that supports growth for everyone.

Every time I do a speaking engagement I speak of the three rivers and how impactful it is on our economy and basic everyday living in the "Burg." It amazes me with the technology that has jumped on board with this yang, water energy.

I haven't studied the PNC bank tower exclusively, but I will say that it definitely will impact the other retailers in that specific area. I think it is going to be as viable as the PPG Glass building in Market Square.

The good news is that it is anchoring in the city of Pittsburgh. With all of the surrounding rivers, the city needs anchors and this tall building will do that for the area.

Now the retail business located in that area, will basically be residing in the shadows of this great tower, which means that energy sent from this tall structure,can have a negative impact on them.

But not to fear, there are always fixes and cures with Feng Shui. Sometimes just a little maneuvering with landscaping can do the trick to protect the business.

I hope that answers your great question Dan. I love talking about Pittsburgh!