Thursday, June 8, 2017

Feng Shui for Your Front Door

You can pick up a Feng Shui book and everyone will tell you to paint your front door red to bring in the strong Yang energy. This door is very important because it brings to you the very auspicious energy that will nourish your house. Maybe you don’t like the color red and just maybe the whole housing plan has red doors. Is there any help for you?

These doors located in Pittsburgh, Pa. have the beautiful Victorian colors represented in the entrance area.

All Feng Shui experts will tell you to look at the five elements when doing your Feng Shui. The elements are what helps you put your home or office in balance and keeps you strong and focused.

The following is each element and color that represents them:
  • Fire - Red.
  • Earth -Yellow. 
  • Water - Blue/Black. 
  • Metal - Gray/white.
  • Wood - Brown/green 
Then you have to consider the following:
  1. What is it you are trying to accomplish in your life? In other words, have you set intentions? For example, do you have a home office and need encouragement to keep focused and clear on what you are to accomplish each day? Paint your front door the color of Metal, either gray or white.
  2.  If you are looking for calmness and the energy to come to your home for abundance, use the color of the Water element, either dark blue or black.
  3. If you are looking for healing in your home or growth of your business, use the Wood element and you will cover both bases. Use the colors brown or green.
  4. The Earth element will take care of bringing in the energy for good health. It also provides stability and is a grounding force for everyone in the home. Use yellow or light beige. 
The Fire element will bring in the strong yang energy and support you in your career and also support you in your fame and reputation area. These colors are the reds, dark oranges and purples. What color is your door?


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Reena said...

Amazing and detailed information on the front door. I have a wall in front of my door, will that be an issue?

way feng shui Singapore said...

I really like your blog and you have shared the whole concept really well. And Very beautifully soulful read, thanks for sharing.

feng shui master said...

well done with the detailed Feng shui post.