Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Feng Shui Tips for You

Never have a water feature in your bedroom. The representation is loss of money and relationships. This includes paintings of rivers, waterfalls and also aquariums.

Hang a cut crystal ball in one of your windows. Choose a window that gets bright sunlight and reflects the colors of the crystal. Be sure to keep your crystal clean.

Writing affirmations are what helps you reach your Feng Shui goals. Write as if your dreams have come true and place them in a red envelope.

Ensure that your entrance is warm and inviting and clear of any clutter. You will allow all the “chi” to enter your home.

Check for leaky faucets and keep your drains clear. Repair them because it will drain the chi energy from your home and you could face a financial loss.

Beware of sharp objects and corners and these include edges of walls and accessories. They will deplete the energy of the person sitting in the area. Place a red dot in the area as inconspicuous as you can, to cure this ailment.

Pathways to your home should be meandering and not straight like a road. Try to balance the area with plants and strive to make the area beautiful.

For good business practice always make sure that you cross your t’s and dot your I’s to ensure that all your business projects have a good ending.

Mirrors have many Feng Shui cures and one of them is to place them in your dining area, near where your guests are seated. Make sure that you can see the top of their heads and it will mirror your guests and double your chi energy.

Placing items in pairs in your home will keep you in a balanced relationship.
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